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Curry Flvoured Squash Pork Steak


4 equal Sliced Lean Pork Loin (Cooked Meat 🍖 with Ginger) for one measure flour

4 tbsp parsley oil (1 measure)


300g pumpkin 🎃 (half a pumpkin)

1 tsp mayonnaise

2 tbsp salt

2 tbsp 1/2 pepper


2 tbsp sake

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp curry powder


Peel and cut pumpkin 🎃.  Heat it in the microwave until soft.

Mix in [a] ingredients well with a fork.

Sieve flour onto pork loin surface and add curry flavoured pumpkin  on one surface and then top equal pieces of pork together.

Heat up frying pan and put the whole pieces of pork loin to fry.

Add in ingredients [b] and simmer until the pork loin golden brown.

Cut into half size for serving and finely chopped parsley as topping.

Enjoy !


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