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The 3 Days Quote Challenge – Day 1

I would like to express my thanks to Christian of http://christiansweightsuccess.net

He has nominated me for the  3 Days Quote Challenge and the rules to follow as below 👇🏻

😀 3 quotes each day

😀 3 nominees to be nominated (no repetition!)

😀 Thank the person who nominated you

😀 Inform the nominees

Here are my quotes for Day 1 👇🏻

My nominees are :

🤗 https://japanese-food.org/

🤗 https://beatcancer2010.wordpress.com/author/ohiocook/

🤗 https://jesslikethatblog.wordpress.com/

Always speak inspiring and encouraging words , it has the power to change one’s life. 😊😊😊