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Earl Grey Cream Puffs : Choux au Craquelin

By Honeykki

Watch how – to video 👇🏻


Ingredients (12ea) :

craquelin: 85g unsalted butter, 100g sugar, 100g cake flour
choux pasrty: 2 eggs, 120ml water, 50g unsalted butter, 2g salt, 75g cake flour
earl grey pasrty cream: 2 earl grey tea bags, 250ml milk, 3 egg yolks, 50g sugar, 25g cake flour / 200ml heavy cream or double cream, 2Tbs sugar


1. Mix the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl. add the cake flour and mix well.
(I used cake flour but you can use all-purpose flour. Just not bread flour.)
2. Simmer milk and add Earl Grey tea bags to infuse them in the heat. This is our Earl Grey milk.
(Earl Grey is optional! any black tea will work!)
3. Slowly add Earl Grey milk to (1) and mix well.
Earl Grey milk shouldn’t be too hot or it’ll cook the yolks.
4. Quickly cook mixture (3) in a pot. constantly stir and continue until thick (cream consistency). Cover and let cool.
Stir quickly so it doesn’t stick to the pan. Be careful not to overcook.
5. Whip the heavy cream and mix with Earl Grey cream (completely cooled)


1. Soften the butter kept at room temperature, add and mix the sugar and cake flour.
2. Make the dough into a ball, put in a bag and roll it to 3mm thickness and freeze.
Use it after panning the choux, never take it out ahead of time, or it’ll melt.

Choux pastry:

1. Boil water, cubed butter and salt in a pot. Turn off the heat once butter is melted. add cake flour and mix with a spatula.
2. Once flour is completely incorporated, turn on the heat again until a thin coat forms on the bottom of the pot.
3. Place the dough in a bowl. slowly add beaten egg in thirds and mix well.
I prefer the dough consistency to be thick enough to form a peak with a spatula.
Cool the dough until lukewarm or the egg will cook.
4. Transfer the pastry into a piping bag and pipe into 3~3.5cm sized balls.
and take the craquelin, cut into circles and place on the pastry. (I used cookie cutter at 3cm diameter)
5. Preheat oven at 180C and bake for 20~25min.
Temperature and baking time may vary due to type of the oven.
and be careful not to open the oven in the middle, or the choux will sink.
6. Completely chill the choux and stuff the Earl Grey cream to finish.

💟Fresh choux are great! but frozen choux are even better!

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