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Osaka, Japan – Day 5 *Supermarket Sushi & Osaka’s Instant Ramen Museum By Mark Wiens


Here’s what’s in this video:

00:26 Supermarket Sushi – On Day 5 in Osaka, Ying and I walked around in the morning, but it was very quiet and not much was open, so we ended up going to the supermarket and buying some sushi at the supermarket. Even going to the supermarket in Japan is fun, because there are so many delicious foods to try and see. I had a box of sushi including a mix of piece for 598 JPY ($4.97). It’s budget sushi, but it’s still pretty fresh and not a bad deal if you’re on a budget traveling and eating in Japan.

3:53 Instant Ramen Museum (インスタントラーメン発明記念館) – We decided to go to the Instant Ramen Museum (インスタントラーメン発明記念館), because instant ramen originated in Osaka, Japan, and was started by Ando Momofoku. When I was a kid, I used to really love eating instant ramen, although I seldom eat it anymore. Nevertheless, it sounded pretty cool to visit. The journey from center Osaka took about 30 minutes or so to get there, and then it was just a short walk from the train station. The entrance to the Instant Ramen Museum (インスタントラーメン発明記念館) was free, but then they had paid for activities you could do.

7:45 Hakata Ippudo Ramen – Right down the street from the instant ramen museum was a chain ramen restaurant called Hakata Ippudo Ramen, and we actually had no idea it was a famous chain until stepping inside and reading the menu, because all the signs were in Japanese. I ordered the classic bowl of Momofuku Classic ramen. Overall, it was good, but basic.

10:43 Dinner at Home in Osaka – From the Instant Ramen Museum, we headed back to our apartment in Nakatsu, went to the supermarket again, bought some ingredients, and in order to save some money we decided to do some cooking at the house. Our fish head chanko nabe was pretty good!

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