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Osaka, Japan – Day 6 * Kobe Beef! By Mark Weins



What’s in the video:

On Day 6 we took a day trip to Kobe… Kobe is one of those places that’s incredibly famous because of the beef they produce – which is considered to be one of the best beef destinations in the world. Just 30 minute by train from the center of Osaka, we weren’t going to miss it.

00:30 La Shomon (焼肉バル) – the Kobe Beef experience: I want to say that this meal was NOT sponsored in anyway (they didn’t even know I make video) – but Lauralee was just extremely kind. We started in Osaka, and took a train from Umeda station to Kobe-Sannomiya Station where we met up with Lauralee who graciously took us on an all day food tour of Kobe and the surrounding region. We didn’t even know we were going to get to sample Kobe beef until she invited us to her family restaurant, a place called La Shomon (焼肉バル) located in the Tarumi area of Kobe, about 30 minutes from the center of Kobe. We first met all the staff at La Shomon (焼肉バル), who were all really nice and friendly, and then came out the grill to our table. They presented us with a platter of the finest Kobe wagyu beef that I’ve ever seen in my life. The marbling action was just unbelievable. Lauralee grilled up the beef, piece by piece. The beef seriously, changed my life, it was so incredibly flavorful and ultimately juicy. In addition to Kobe beef, they also have dry aged Kobe beef, which was equally as unbelievably good.

11:56 Akashi Fish Market – After our life changing beef experience, we then bought tickets on the train to go to Akashi Fish Market, a lovely fish market village somewhere in Kobe. The market was a lot of fun to visit, and it was extremely friendly. One of the most famous things to buy and eat at Akashi Fish Market in Kobe is octopus, and

14:19 Akashi Yaki (たこ磯) – One of the most famous things to eat at Akashi Fish Market is something called Akashi Yaki (たこ磯), the regions version of takoyaki octopus balls. These are a bit different, and they are fried into ball shaped, but they are then eaten with soup instead of topped with ingredients. They were good, and made a good market snack.

17:16 Roushouki (元祖 豚饅頭 老祥記) – This is a well known place in Kobe’s Chinatown that serves steamed buns. They were pretty tasty.

18:06 The Sake Standing Bar – Walking around Kobe, we noticed on old school standing Japanese sake bar, and it had so much character we decided we need to step in. It indeed was an amazing experience.

22:17 Horumon BBQ (炭焼塩ホルモン『あ』) in Kobe – This time for dinner we didn’t have more Kobe beef, but we certainly ate some random beef parts in Kobe. Some of the interesting things we tried at this yakiniku spot were esophagus and the 4th intestines of the cow.

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