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Mexican Street Corn Soup By Closet Cooking

Mexican street corn, grilled corn on the cob all slathered with butter, mayo, lime juice, chili powder and crumbled cheese, is one of my favourite foods and I was recently thinking that it would be good in the form of a tasty soup! This soup has a base of, you guessed it, corn and both…

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Baked Firecracker Chicken By Closet Cooking

Today I have a super simple and tasty baked firecracker chicken recipe for you! that is so nice and easy to make and just packed with flavour! This recipe starts with boneless and skinless chicken that is seared in a pan to lightly brown it, which adds flavour, before being roasted in the oven, all…

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Cilantro Lime Skillet Chicken By Closet Cooking

I like to have quick and easy recipes on hand for those busy nights where you just don’t have the energy or the time to cook and you also don’t want to wait for delivery or go out to pick something up; this tasty cilantro lime skillet chicken is perfect for those nights! You literally…

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Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad By Cooking Classy

Let’s just start out by saying you need this Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad in your life! Pasta salads are totally my thing lately so I decided to add turn one of my favorite salads into a pasta salad And yes of course it’s even better than just a plain salad itself because pasta makes everything delicious!…

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