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Pomelo Salad (Yum Som-O) ยำส้มโอ By Hot Thai Kitchen

Serves 2-3 as an appetizer

1 Tbsp palm sugar (see note)

1½ Tbsp lime juice (see note)

2 tsp fish sauce

Thai chilies, to taste

The Salad:

2 cups Pomelo, torn into chunks (see how to peel a pomelo in the video)

3 Tbsp shredded coconut, dark toasted

2 Tbsp roasted peanuts, coarsely ground

2 Tbsp dried shrimp, blitzed in a blender or coffee grinder until fluffy

3 Tbsp shallots, thinly sliced

2 kaffir lime leaves, very finely julienned

2 inches lemongrass, bottom half only, very thinly sliced

¼ cup mint leaves

1/4 cup cilantro leaves (optional)

Wild betel leaves for serving (optional)

Option: If you want to make the salad a bit more substantial, some people top the salad with some cooked shrimp as well.

Note: The measurements I provided is for a pomelo that is relatively sweet and not very tart. You will need to adjust the dressing measurements according to the sweetness/tartness of the pomelo. If the pomelo is quite tart, use more sugar and less lime juice. 

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Pomelo Salad (Yum Som-O) ยำส้มโอ