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Egg Drop Soup By Closet Cooking

Another classic dish at Chinese restaurants is egg drop soup! This is a super simple soup where a egg is poured into simmering chicken broth in a thin stream the cooks into smooth ribbons that gives the soup an amazing creamy texture. 156 more words

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Chicken Stew By Cooking Classy

This homemade Chicken Stew is just what you need to cozy up to after a long day! It calls for simple ingredients that together create a delicious final product. This is a hearty recipe everyone will enjoy! Soup, soup and more soup. You know that’s all I care about in the winter. Especially when I’m…

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Crockpot Tuscan White Bean and Lemon Soup By Half Baked Harvest

Crockpot Tuscan White Bean and Lemon Soup. Because it’s still very much winter. Listen, I know the month of March is nearing fast, and that some of you may have Spring on the mind, but let’s just be real, it’s still very cold outside. 29 more words

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Spicy Garlic Shrimp Pasta By Closet Cooking

This quick and easy spicy garlic shrimp pasta is one of my favourite recipes for busy weeknight meals or for special occasions! The combination of shrimp in spicy garlic tomato sauce using Pomì organic chopped tomatoes comes together with almost no effort and it’s sure to impress! 30 more words

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Dark Chocolate Cheesecake By Closet Cooking

When I am thinking about Valentine’s Day I usually think about chocolate and this decadently creamy dark chocolate cheesecake is the perfect treat to end a fabulous Valentine’s Day! 119 more words

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Recipes for the Chinese New Year By Closet Cooking

The Lunar New Year, aka the Chinese new year, is this coming next Friday, February 16th, the year of the dog, and it’s the perfect excuse to to pull out some of my favourite Chinese recipes in addition to trying some new ones! 139 more words

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Korean-Style Smoked Gochujang Chicken Wings By Dennis The Prescott

We’re rocking saucy chicken wing action today y’all!! HOT DAMN! Every year we host a NYE party at ours, I rock smoked chicken wings, and it feels like the entire neighbourhood shows up! So awesome. The wings? These Traeger Smoked Korean-Style Gochujang Chicken Wings. Seriously next-level awesome y’all. Smokey, Spicy, Sweet, and Crunchy. The Four […]

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