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Miso Ramen (vegan) ☆ 味噌ラーメンの作り方 By Peaceful Cuisine



For the ramen noodles:

200g bread flour

100g water

10g baking soda tapioca starch(or any kind of starch powder) 

For the soup:

800g water

50g miso

2 shiitake mushroom

1 clove garlic

1 tsp broad bean paste

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp sweetener

1 tsp salt(I didn’t show this in the video but this is the most important ingredient)

200g bean sprouts

50g green onion

some thinly sliced dried chili pepper


1. Bring baking soda water to a boil, then mix with bread flour

2. Knead well with pasta machine and make it into noodles.

3. Put all the ingredients for the soup and simmer gently.

4. Boil ramen noodles for 1 minute

5. Put everything together in a large bowl


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