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Korean Sausage Stew l Army base stew l Budae-Jjigae By Wife’s Cuisine

INGREDIENTS: 1 can of Ham(small size),
4 Sausages, 60g Ground beef, 3tbsp Baked beans, 1/2cup of Rice cake, 1/2 Tofu, 1/2 Green onion, 1/3 Onion, 1 cup of Kimchi, 1 Sliced cheddar cheese, 4 cups of Beef bone broth, 1 instant Ramen noodle Beef marinade sauce: 1/2tbsp Soy sauce, 1tbsp Cooking wine, 1tsp Minced garlic, Pepper Sauce: 1tbsp Red pepper powder, 1tbsp Red pepper paste, 1tbsp Soy sauce for soup, 1tbsp Minced garlic, Salt, Pepper

METHOD: 1. Cut tofu and kimchi. slice green onion and onion 2. Cut ham and sausage. Boil to remove oil. Marinate the beef for about 10 min 3. Add ham, sausage, green onion, kimchi, onion, tofu, beef and beans in the pot. Then mix the sauce ingredients, pour beef bone broth and boil for 5min 4. Add ramen and cheese in, and cook until it’s cooked

Source from Wife’s Cuisine –>https://youtu.be/HuzOYHe3s0Y

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