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Klairs Youthful Glow Sugar Mask

This product is purchased at a reduced price for the “Try Now Campaign” in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to #0.8L and #DearKlairs | #Wishtrend for this opportunity.

About the Product↙️
This is a low irritating and nourishing sugar mask enriched with antioxidants from grapefruit and raspberry. Grapefruit extract and kaolin soften your skin texture without irritation while shea butter, raspberry oil, and jojoba with rich nutrition leave your skin moisturized after washing off. It also contains anti-inflammatory calamine to soothe your skin. This multi-purpose low irritating wash-off mask can also work as a physical exfoliator.

Key Ingredients↙️
• Grapefruit Extract: A source of antioxidants like brightening vitamin C with additional anti-inflammatory benefits.
• Sucrose: The fine granules not only serve as a mild exfoliant, but as a humectant too, meaning that the ingredient attracts and retains moisture in the skin.
• Raspberry Seed Oil: High in powerful antioxidants like vitamin E, that protect, nourish and soothe the skin.
• Shea Butter: An intensely hydrating emollient that softens and moisturizes skin.

❌Free Of:

Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic fragrance, Artificial colors, Animal ingredients, Silicones, Alcohol, and Phthalates.

Benefits of Sugar in Skincare↙️

🍭Natural humectant it draws moisture from the environment into your skin. Applying sugar scrub to your skin helps hydrate and keep the moisture in the skin.

🍭Natural glycol acid that penetrates the skin & generates a fresh glowing skin. Great for sun damage and aging skin

🍭An excellent gentle exfoliant. It works well to slough off those dead skin cells & reveal healthy glowing skin.

🍭Sugar scrub can be a secret weapon against ingrown hairs.   Sugar scrub also discourages ingrown hairs and bumps. By using a scrub 1-3 times per week (depending on skin type) on the areas where ingrown hairs appear, you allow the hairs to protrude high above the skin and get a smoother closer shave and this prevents the hairs from curling up under the skin.

Who is it for?

Anyone experiencing dullness, dryness, or an uneven texture including sensitive skin.

My thoughts↙️

✳️Packaging ~ come in a plastic tub for 110g.

✳️Scent ~ Light natural fruity citrus smell.

✳️Colour & Texture ~ Soft light pink sherbet form with fine sugar particles which is not abrasive.

💜I highly recommend this amazing product which gives such a super soft, hydrating and glowing skin just after one wash.

💜A very mild scrub that does not strips due to its low ph balanced.

💜Doesn’t irritate my delicate skin even after leaving it on for a while.

💜Time saving for a quick scrub and mask which calm and soothes my sensitive skin

**Tested on my hubby and he is giving a thumbs 👍🏻 up from a person who does not like to do facial. His skin indeed looked glowing, supple and refreshed just after one wash.

What I like about this product↙️

💙It nourishes and hydrates as it buffs so skin isn’t left looking or feeling irritated, dry, or tight, but glowing, smooth, and bright.

💙Great as a quick scrub, a 10-minute treatment, or as a makeup-removing cleansing balm, all 3 in 1.

💙It gives a radiant complexion and improved skin texture.

How To Use ↙️


After cleansing apply onto damp skin and massage in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water.  


After cleansing apply onto dry skin and go about your business for 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.


Apply onto damp skin and massage in a circular motion, making sure to avoid the eye area. Rinse with warm water and follow with your water-based cleanser.

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