5 Stretches to get you Feeling Flexible and Thinking Positively By Cassey Ho

Your 5 stretches are:

1. The Lizard

2. Heeled Pyramid

3. Figure Four Hold

4. Laying Twist

5. Happy Baby To Happy Adult

Your 5 tips for positivity are:

1. Positive affirmations

2. Be grateful for the small things

3. Turn failures into lessons

4. Don’t play the victim

5. Remember that no one is perfect

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STRETCH & FLEXIBILITY FOCUS // 6-Week Body Toning Bootcamp #6 By Cassey Ho

“This is going to be one of the most relaxing, body-opening stretch routines you’ve ever done. Not only will I show you how to get more flexible in your legs, your hips, your back, your chest, and all tight areas of your body, you’ll be listening to the natural sounds of the ocean as you work on your flexibility too. Wind down with me in this Stretch & Flexibility Focus video – part 6 of the 6-Week Body Toning Bootcamp! You can use this as a cool down after ANY workout.”