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Osaka, Japan – Day 8 *Tempura Rice Bowl in Kyoto By Mark Weins


On Day 8 in Japan, we traveled from Osaka to Kyoto. During the day, we enjoyed a couple of delicious meals, including a tempura rice bowl for dinner, and also went to a couple of temples in Kyoto.

00:33 Easy Lunch in Osaka – One of the budget ways to eat at restaurants in Japan is to eat cafeteria styles restaurants which typically serve a range of different Japanese foods. You walk inside, pay with the vending machine, and then you get your tray of food. I had the broiled salted mackerel, which was delicious and it cost 650 JPY for my meal.

3:16 Osaka to Kyoto – After lunch we said goodbye to Dwight (, and we continued on to Osaka station, where we found our train to Kyoto. The train, on the JR Special Express Kyoto Line, took just 30 minutes from Osaka and cost 560 JPY. We arrived to a rainy Kyoto, and we decided to purchase a one day bus ticket for 500 JPY to be able to go around Kyoto and do some things.

6:03 Ginkaku-ji Temple (銀閣寺) – 500 JPY – Our first stop on our sightseeing tour of Kyoto was to visit the Ginkaku-ji Temple (銀閣寺), and after paying our entrance fee, we walked around. Even though it was crowded, it was really beautiful, and what really stood out to me were the gardens.

7:57 Kiyomizu-dera (清水寺) – 300 JPY – After spending about an hour at Ginkaku-ji Temple (銀閣寺), we got back on the bus, and headed to another famous temple in Kyoto, this time Kiyomizu-dera (清水寺). It was extremely busy as well, but with a visit, and I enjoyed it.

10:49 Tempura Rice Bowl at Ginza Hageten – For dinner we headed back to Kyoto Station, since we needed to get there for transportation and also because our bag was there, and we stopped in the downstairs food area and found a restaurant called Ginza Hageten, serving tempera. I ended up ordering the tendon, a tempura rice bowl, which was delicious.

Finally, to end our day, we took the train to Fushimi-Momoyama Station, where we found our way to Maison Fushimi, where we had pre-booked a room.