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No Equipment Upper Body Workout with Warm Up and Cool Down By Fitness Blender

4 Minute Cardio Warm Up – 25 seconds each

Boxer Shuffle 

Shoulder Rolls

Arm Circles Forward (big)

Arm Circles Back

Windmill Arms + Toe Touch

Chest Stretch + Reach


Curl Overhead Press + Step Back

Bow & Arrow Twists

Chest Opener Lat Steps

Warrior Lunge Stretch

Jumping Jacks
Upper body workout with no equipment

Push Up + Pulses

Deadlift + Close Row & Tricep Extension

Bicep Curl Pulses

Tricep Dips

Walkdown + Opposite Toe Tap

Reach + Pulldown

Jumping Jack Step Back (or lunge)
Water Break 
Press Extensions

Tall Plank + 3 Point Reach

Bicep Curl + High Knee

Bird Dog + Tricep Push Up

Arm Circles (forward and back)

Back Bow Pulls
Reverse Fly + Pulses

Side Push Up (on wall or floor)

Other side

Overhead Tricep Extension

Single Pulldowns + Step Back

Bentover Wide Row to Fly

Other side

Knee Pull Punch & Switch
Cool Down & Stretch