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Japanese style ★Strawberry Short Cake★Fluffiest ever! By Kitchen Princess Bamboo

Ingredients for 5 inches round cake mold

Basic Genoise sponge:

15cm(5inch) round cake

25g flavorless vegetable oil

2 large eggs

90g granuated sugar

80g cake flour

1 Grease the cake mold and line with parchment paper. Preheat the oven to 180℃ (350℉)

2 Whisk the eggs and sugar in a large bowl. Place the bowl in a gently simmering water while whisking constantly. When the egg mixture comes to 45 ℃ (120 ℉) remove from the hot bath.

3 Whisk the egg mixture until stiff for 5 to 6 minutes by using a stand mixer or electric stand mixer. When you draw a line and you see the line for more than 3 seconds, it is done.  (or it called “ribbon stage”)   ★This step is really crucial in making good Genoise sponge cake. Try to make even tiny air bubbles in the mixture. Tiny air bubbles is unlikely to break easily while you fold the flour next step.

4 Fold the flour into the egg mixture. Use spatura like digging to the bottom of the bowl, then flip onto the top. Continue folding just until the flour incorporated.

5 Pour the oil and vanilla essence into a small bowl and add two scoops of the egg mixture.  Mix one direction until emulsified. Then back it into the egg mixture and mix until homogenized with holding motion.★Do not add the oil directly to the egg mixture, because it will sink to the bottom of the bowl. It will take much more time to mix thoroughly, and break the air bubbles. You will easily mix oil when you mix some of the egg mixtures to the oil. This will also prevent breaking the air bubbles.

6 Pour the batter into the prepared mold, and bake at 180 ℃ (350 ℉) for 25 to 30 minutes. It is done when you press the center of the cake bounce back or toothpick inserted the center comes out clean. Demould and cool on a wire rack.

<Whipped cream>

1cup(240ml)  fresh cream

20g granulated sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

7.Whisk together the fresh cream, sugar, vanilla extract until soft peaks form.  ★Place mixing bowl on a smaller bowl filled with ice and water while mixing.  Use smaller bowl with ice to prevent water come into the cream.


300g(10 ounces) strawberry

3 tbs. simple syrup

1 tbs. water

1 tbs. cointreau (orange liqueur)

8 Mix simple syrup, water, Cointreau in a small jar.  Slice Genoise in two layers.  Cut 5 strawberries into half lengthwise.

9 Place a layer of cake on a rotating cake stand. Soak half of syrup mixture, then pipe raspberry jam. (optional) Put a scoop or two of whipped cream(2/3cup approx.). Spread cream by using a spatula, then arrange sliced strawberries.  Put another scoop of whipped cream on strawberries and fill the spaces in between.

10 Place another layer of cake on top and push gently to put together. Soak the rest of syrup mixture. Fill the gap between the layers.   Then put a generous amount of whipped cream save two scoops of the cream for garnishing.  Spread and level cream on top and the side.

11 Smooth surface. Drop the rest of the whipped cream and spread like a snow-capped mountain. Then arrange strawberries and mint leaves.  Dust with powder sugar for the final touch.  And it’s pretty much done!

Recipe Source from 👇🏻

Japanese style ★Strawberry Short Cake★Fluffiest ever!

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